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I’ve been truly blessed as I’ve seen my life and world grow bigger through the years.  Growing up in Mexico my father has started many different businesses over the years.  My father’s world has always been sales and delivering professional customer service.  I would label him as a serial entrepreneur and an extremely strict professional businessman.  He’s always had at least 10 different irons in the fire at any one time.  His work ethic is unmatched and from the beginning he set that bar very high for himself.  I was groomed by my father to be his right hand in business and so I was also expected to maintain the same level of ambition and expectation for delivering professional service.  I worked for him for 15+ years until I moved to Lincoln, where I married my husband Shane.  In the early years that followed I became a US Citizen and I’m telling you that was a very proud moment for me.

Over the years since then, while working for different people in different professions, I noticed being somewhat held back at times from delivering the professional service that I’ve been accustomed to.  This restraint always confused and discouraged me.  My expectations for delivering professional customer service are typically higher than my coworkers, supervisors, and customers alike.  My question was always, “why wouldn’t you want to deliver the best possible product/service to your customer at the highest level of professionalism”?  I decided it was time for a change and a change it was.  I’m now out on my own delivering that professional service to the Lincoln area.

Pinky – well that name came from my husband.  As the story goes, my favorite color has always been pink.  So there have been many days whereas I was completely decked out in pink outfits and/or different combinations of pink.  What else could my husband do than brand me with the name “Pinky”.  It used to be just a nickname from him but has since turned into my nickname from friends in Lincoln as well as family and friends in Mexico.

So here I am Lincoln … Pinky’s Cleaning Service!

Veronica Fleharty

What We Do

We provide the highest quality cleaning services.

  • We only use “green” / eco-friendly cleaning products (but have stronger cleaning products if/as the job may require)

  • We only use microfiber towels and dusters

  • We use a color-coded towel system to prevent cross contamination of rooms and cleaning chemicals

  • Our vacuum cleaners use HEPA filters

  • We are bonded and insured

Residential & Commercial Cleaning

Pinky’s Cleaning Service in a locally owned and operated company that specializes in cleaning residential and small businesses/offices in the Lincoln area.  We provide custom cleaning packages tailored to your specific needs.  

Trusted & Experienced

Professional service and great value is what Pinky’s Cleaning Service provides to our customers. We work diligently and pride ourselves on exceeding our customers expectations.

No Contracts

No contracts.  Ever!  We all have contracts for the gym, phone service, internet, the list goes on and on. Pinky's will NOT be adding to your stress.  We will take care of you when you desire according to your schedule, budget, and needs.   

Bonded & Insured

Pinky's customers trust us with probably their biggest asset - their home.  We take that responsibility very serious and want to protect everything and everyone involved.  So rest assured ... we are bonded & insured. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.  Our name and reputation is on the line.  If you're not happy, we're not happy.  One call and we'll be on site to address any concerns until you're satisfied. 

Happy Customers

"Veronica has exceeded my high expectations for house cleaning. She asks questions to understand our personal preferences for home maintenance and is very detailed and thorough in her work. She takes care of our home as if it's her own. Most importantly, I trust her and really enjoy her as a person and look forward to talking with her."

--Terri M.


"Pinky's is honest, reliable, and thorough.  You can have peace of mind that your home will shine when you return home from your long day at work.  There's even an itemized list of the things that were cleaned or dusted by room.  I highly recommend giving them a try."

-- Kym H.

"Pinky's is trustworthy and dependable. Our office would look, smell, and feel different after Veronica was there. The service was very professional and courteous from beginning to end."

-- Angelina C.

"The Monday “blues” have disappeared at my business since I hired Pinky’s Cleaning Service. It’s like having a fresh coat of paint, but it’s really a fresh coat of clean!  By far the best cleaning service I have used in 30 years of business."

--Allan H.

"Veronica did an outstanding job on cleaning my house. Being a busy mom of two kids and owning my own business, I love to come home to a clean house and she went above and beyond my expectations. You will not be sorry for using her. She leaves a checklist of everything she did upon leaving that way I know. I didn't have to lift a finger for a long time after she left, and I can't tell you how much that helps me out. I will be referring Pinkys Cleaning to everyone."

--Tara P.

"I have had a fantastic experience with Veronica and her cleaning service. She offers a high level of attention to detail and is very diligent at what she does. i have had several cleaners over the last decade and she is most definitely among the BEST!"

--Andrea S.

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